About Pink Boot

For a while now, individual WA line dancing clubs have been raising funds for assorted charities and doing all the hard work themselves. Then someone came up with an idea of pooling our resources and running an annual charity with the challenge of raising some big bucks in one hit, compliments of as many linedancers in WA as we can muster!

The idea was to hopefully run a successful annual event with a different charity getting the proceeds each year.

Our first event took place in 2013 with the “WA Linedancers Pink Boot Charity Ball” with the chosen charity for this being the Breast Cancer Foundation Fund where 100% of the profit was donated. We raised over $13,500 for NBCF which was a hugh effort. 

So who is behind the pink boot charity event? Initially some WA clubs have volunteered their time to get it started but there is no we or us as its been created as a WA Representative event, so anyone and everyone who wants to help and volunteer can be a part of it. The sole vision being to work together and unite as a community to raise as much money for charity as possible.

Because this is a 100% charity event, all participating instructors and helpers will be donating their time and resources. It is not our intention to compete with other fundraisers or events, only to provide an event dedicated to charity work by linedancers for the community.

There have been ongoing discussions in the past about how our industry is perceived in the community with few options offered up as ways of remedying this. What better way to raise the level of recognition of linedancers in WA and at the same time show that we can come together and give back to very deserving charities.

In 2014 our charity ball that was open to all linedancers and instructors which resulted in a great charity fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. In 2015 we raised funds for the "Kids Cancer Project" and rallied in over $19,000 for this worthhile cause.

2016 is about Motor Neuron Disease (MND) so put on those dancing shoes and join us a great night on Saturday 5th March as we Dance for a Cure for MND!