Charity Ball 2016

2016 Playlist is now out... 

WSLU Flyer for 2016!!!!
Check out the WSLU - Competition will be held on the day of the pink boot charity ball...All proceeds will be going to the ball fundraiser


 ** Tables are selling fast, have you booked your tickets yet??? Don't miss out on this event **



How can you help!!!

Several ways really

1.    Do you want to help/volunteer your time - we will need decorations, table plans, playlists, dance workshops etc the list is endless, so if you want to be involved, email us now!

2.    Let us know ASAP how many tickets you would like reserved for you and your club. Tables will seat 10 and we will fill part tables if required to fit everyone in, so don’t worry if you have a party less than 10.

3.   Spread the word far and wide amongst Instructors and students and friends (and yes interstate is good)

4.    Instructors let us know if you are interested in leading a bracket of dances. Its not compulsory but we would appreciate your participation.

5.    Sponsorship is required for sundries (the printing of tickets, table pieces and hall decorations).

6.    We need plenty of donations for the raffle prizes.

7.    Able body persons to assist in setting up and breaking down of the event.

Email us today at